About Health Choice of Alabama

Health Choice is a provider-sponsored Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network. We offer a statewide network of physician, hospital and ancillary medical providers to employers as well as payer organizations. Because it is sponsored by medical providers, Health Choice seeks to offer an alternative delivery system to groups at preferred rates in return for steered volume to our network provider members. Health Choice has been in operation since 1984. The network began in Birmingham with a limited number of hospital and physician participants. The network has grown to include over 90 hospital locations, over 6,200 physicians and over 650 ancillary providers.

Because Health Choice is a provider network rather than an insurance plan, we can be flexible in offering managed health care purchasing alternatives. Employers are able to choose benefit levels and insurance plans that fit their needs. Plan designs can be developed to allow employees to use any physician or hospital they desire, but the network provides real dollar savings as an incentive for using in-network Health Choice providers. Health Choice provides health care value for employers and employees without the hassles of dealing with large payers, and "gatekeeper" restrictions of managed care. Network hospitals and physicians provide comprehensive but streamlined, outcome-oriented services at preferred rates. Fees are negotiated in advance, with payers and employers in mind, which allows for better budgeting and cost oversight for the company and the employee.